Air Photogallery and Lab


Aerial Photography and Laboratory

We would like to introduce you the most interesting activities of our company such as Arial and large-(area) photography and its broaden usage not only in advertising field. Our company has been established 25 years ago, based on long-term experience in technical photography. Since that time we made a significant progress in the entire conception and quality of Arial photography.
Main activities :
·    Arial large(-area) photopictures
·    Photomaps with street description and legend
·    Calendars, posters, postcards
·    Photodocumentation for investors and developers
·    Photodocumentation of buildings and roads
·    Photodocumentation for project visualisation
·    Print on the glass - doors and glass dividers, pictures in interiors

Our company disposes with special equipment for this kind of activity, this enables us to satisfy the highest requirements on quality and size of photography.



In the year 2004 we stepped off the way of digitizing the whole process. At the beginning it was a partial way due to the absence of digital walls with a sufficiently high resolution, so important for this kind of work. It was a way of a negative shoot on format of minimal size of 6 x 9 cm, or 6 x 17 cm and a consecutive scan on a real size the longer side over 3 m by the 300 dpi resolution, this has been done at the Hi-end film scanner Hasselblad-Imacon 949 and subsequently a digital print.



During the summer 2008 we switched to a digital shooting process on a digital platform, and so we closed up the whole system. After many tests we decided to take entirely the digital way with a digital system Hasselblad H3D II with a real resolution 39Mpx, this technology surpassed our expectations.


In 2012 we upgraded the digital camera Hasselblad H4D-60 Hi-end camera with digital back having a real resolution 60 Mpix sensor .
In 2012 we bought D800E Nikon digital camera and lenses AF-S 70-200/2 , 8 GII ED VR and Motorised head GigaPano for Gigapanoram, In 2014 we bought Nikon D810.



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