Big photos


Our priority are skew pictures of buildings, construction objects, castles, mansions, territorial units, towns and villages, both for documentary, presentation and visialisation purposes as well as for creation artistic photography pictures. 



During the summer 2008 we came also to a digital shooting process on a digital platform, and so we closed up the whole system. After many tests we decided ourselves for a digital system Hasselblad H3D II with a real resolution 39Mpx, this technology overcame our expactations.

In 2012 we upgraded the digital camera Hasselblad H4D-60 Hi-end camera with digital back with real resolution 60 Mpx sensor.
In last year we bought D800E Nikon digital camera and lenses AF-S 70-200/2 , 8 GII ED VR and Motorised head GigaPano for Gigapanorama .


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