BOOK ALBUM
Photograhies from your drawers are bound as a work of art in a real book. Each photobook is an absolute original, which will move your images´/notions´ limits further…
Family book         –  a book full of emotions and memories - introduce a history of your family
Wedding book     –  reminder of your unique day in an exceptional book
Company book    –  make a publication about an abundant history and successes of Your company
Reporting book   –  record different jubilees, sessions, celebrations, sojourns abroad

Graphic variants of a book: studio, reportage, romantic.

Each model is characteristic with its arrangements´ style

Binding of a book : a special hand-made binding is a guarantee that sheets don´t create a fan  
Booksheets : single sheets are strenghen, can´t burst neither tousle nor fold  
Book cover : performed in artificial leather, colour and coinage assortement  

Book size : 20 x 22 cm , 26 x 29 cm ( before book opening )

Number of pages : a minimal number of pages is 20 which presents around 80 pictures
Basic price by a minimal number of pages :

When a client is requesting, we are able to produce a book in a different size with more pages and binding can be done from a real leather. Price will be determined by agreement. 
Stated prices are without a 21% VAT !

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